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How to maintain and protect doors and windows


Doors and windows are an important bridge connecting the family space with the outside world. However, after a long period of use, doors and windows may have some major or minor problems, such as water seepage, inability to pull or open the doors and windows, and severe deformation. How to deal with such a situation, and how to prevent these problems? We should learn to do a good job of maintenance for doors and windows.

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1. Do not hang heavy items on the door leaf and avoid bumping and scratching with sharp objects. When opening or closing the door leaf, do not use excessive force.


2. Do not use wet hands to open the door lock, or corrosive solvents splashed on the glass door and door lock. Open the door lock or turn the door lock handle, do not use excessive force. Frequently moving hardware accessories such as hinges and door locks should be tightened immediately when they become loose. When the door lock fails to open, you can add an appropriate amount of lubricant such as pencil lead powder into the keyhole for lubrication.

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3. When wiping the glass, do not allow the cleaning agent or water to penetrate into the gaps of the glass bead to avoid deformation of the bead. Do not use too much force when wiping the glass to avoid damage to the glass and personal injury. Be sure to ask professionals to repair the glass after the breakage.

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4. When removing stains on the surface of the door (such as fingerprints), it can be wetted with clean water and then wiped with a soft cloth. Hard cloth can easily scratch the surface. If the stain is too heavy, use a neutral detergent or special furniture cleaner. After decontamination, wipe it clean immediately. The edges of the door do not often friction, in order to avoid damage to the edges and corners material fade. In order to maintain the surface luster and service life of the glass door, it should be cleaned and dedusted regularly, and the surface can be maintained with a special curing solution. To maintain the surface gloss and service life glass doors should be regularly cleaned, and dust removal can make a special maintenance solution for its surface care.

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