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How much do you know about bulletproof glass?


Bulletproof glass is a composite material made of glass and high-quality engineering plastics through special processing. It usually consists of layers of polycarbonate sandwiched between layers of float glass. Glass provides a certain degree of protection against small weapon shooting or hitting tools such as sticks, usually made of transparent materials such as polycarbonate thermoplastic (usually Lexan). It has the appearance of float glass and the behavior of transmitting light.

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Bulletproof glass typically consists of layers of polycarbonate sandwiched between layers of ordinary glass. A bullet easily penetrates the outer layer of glass, but the strong polycarbonate layer stops the bullet before it can penetrate the inner layer of glass. Bulletproof glass is usually up to 70mm to 75mm thick.

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The bulletproof glass structure is generally divided into the following three layers:

1. Bearing layer: This layer first undergoes impact and ruptures, usually using thick and high-strength glass that can damage or change the shape of the warhead, causing it to lose its ability to continue moving forward.

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2. Transition layer: Generally made of organic bonding material, with strong adhesion and good light resistance, it can absorb some impact energy and change the direction of bullet movement.


3. Safety protection layer: This layer uses high-strength glass or high-strength transparent organic materials, which have good elasticity and toughness, can absorb the majority of impact energy, and ensure that bullets cannot pass through this layer.

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Bulletproof glass standards do not allow tempering. Bulletproof glass is usually composed of more than three pieces of ordinary glass, and the glass will not fall when broken into large pieces. Continuous bulletproofing is achieved by exploiting the low probability of hitting points. Tempered glass will shatter after a strong impact. If all layers are broken, the entire glass collapses and loses its ongoing ballistic properties. Broken tempered glass can affect the effect. At the same time, if tempered glass is used, it will become small obtuse particles after being broken, which is easier to fall off, which is not conducive to protection and safety.

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Bulletproof glass also has levels, and the higher the level, the stronger the bulletproof ability. According to different countries, regions, and requirements, the EN1063 standard in Europe divides bulletproof glass into seven levels, from BR1 to BR7. The higher the level, the stronger the protective ability. Due to the export nature of KXG, it has been developed according to European bulletproof glass standards, and the sample was sent to the laboratory for testing. KXG has passed the highest standard of bulletproof glass in Europe and holds the highest level certification certificate of bulletproof glass BR7. We also produce and export bulletproof glass doors and windows for use in the presidential suite hotel project.

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Usually, bulletproof glass will be used in hotels, banks, administrative centers, ship windows, car windows, office buildings, etc. If you are interested in it, feel free to contact our team.

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