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Window Decoration Is Now Popular In This Way, Which Is Both Beautiful And Practical


Do not know from when to start, "Floor-to-ceiling windows" have become the standard feature of modern decoration, especially large and transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, which can make the home appear more transparent and bright, with a wider field of vision and an unobstructed view of the scenery outside the window, because life adds a lot of vitality and makes people relaxed and happy. Feel good. However, the reputation of floor-to-ceiling windows, which was once very popular, has declined in the past two years. Gradually, fewer and fewer people use floor-to-ceiling windows. Why is this? Why did the once popular floor-to-ceiling windows fall off the altar? Without floor-to-ceiling windows, how should the windows in the living room be designed?

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Disadvantages of floor-to-ceiling windows:

①: The cost is too high

The larger the glass, the thicker it must be. The production cost of such large floor-to-ceiling windows is also very high, more expensive than ordinary glass, and it needs to be sent to a crane during installation. It requires several people to install, and it is very troublesome to operate at the same time. As transportation costs increase, the cost of the entire installation will also increase exponentially.

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② There are significant safety hazards present

Although oversized floor-to-ceiling windows can provide a wide field of vision, people who install such oversized floor-to-ceiling windows will also have a deep understanding of the potential safety hazards. Because such oversized floor-to-ceiling windows are basically made of tempered glass, their self-explosion rate is generally The probability is about 3‰.

Especially in high-rise buildings, oversized glass windows have to withstand greater wind pressure. If you live in coastal cities or northern areas, then the oversized floor-to-ceiling windows in high-rise buildings have load-bearing, wind-pressure-resistant cross bracing and other safety designs.

③: The thermal insulation effect is affected

Although tempered glass has good thermal insulation properties, for thick walls of a secret room, the thermal insulation performance is much worse, and it is very likely that it will be hot in summer and cold in winter.

Especially in the summer in northern cities, receiving a lot of light will cause the indoor temperature to rise rapidly, causing a great feeling of stuffiness. In winter, it will cause the indoor temperature to drop rapidly. Even if the heating in the future is still Didn't feel particularly hot. So what should we do instead of installing oversized floor-to-ceiling windows?

Several popular methods nowadays

① Heavy duty sliding windows

Heavy sliding windows may replace the supercontinent in a few years to become the mainstream way of balcony. When installing such windows, the original guardrail of the balcony does not need to be removed, and heavy sliding doors can be directly installed. The wind pressure resistance is also very good. Previously, there was an invisible drainage system inside, and even heavy rainstorm would not leak into the balcony. The ventilation is also very good. When the door is opened, it is just like the balcony is not sealed.

② Electric windproof roller shutter

In some areas where window sealing is not allowed, electric drive can be used to install electric windproof roller blinds through remote control switches and app operations. It can flexibly adjust indoor lighting and visibility, and switch between enclosed and open balconies at will, which is very practical. And this design can effectively sunshade and insulate, reduce direct sunlight, reduce indoor heat absorption, and provide a cool environment indoors, especially in summer, which is more comfortable than a supercontinent floor.

When the weather is bad, you can directly pull down the electric windproof roller shutter to prevent wind and dust. This design is also very user-friendly. Before decoration, just reserve a power socket on the balcony.

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③: Folding window

Folding windows do not take up space, but also provide an unobstructed view of the landscape. When opened, the window sash can be retracted, and the balcony on one side instantly returns to the appearance of an unenclosed balcony. Nowadays, folding windows are very popular and can not only be used to enclose the balcony, but also And it can also be used indoors. If you want to make an open kitchen, you don’t have to worry about oil fumes flowing everywhere. You can use the upper folding window.

Nowadays, oversized floor-to-ceiling windows are no longer popular. These three types of windows are popular on balconies. They are not only low in cost, but also greatly reduce safety risks. They can also achieve a large field of view and transparent lighting. Do you think these three types of windows are good?

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