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Winter Garden—Glass Sunroom


The sunroom is also called the glass room. The transparent glass fits perfectly with the frame of different materials, retains the heat insulation function of the house, and satisfies the needs of people to be close to nature and in close contact with the sun to the greatest extent. It gradually enters the People's vision and has become a new favorite.

greenhouse glass sunroom

Modern sunrooms originated in England, and early sunrooms were built of masonry with large windows and glass roofs, often in classical and Gothic styles. In 1746, the British government began to levy a high glass tax, at that time, the nobles who enjoyed huge wealth had the strength to build a sunroom. In fact, in the Middle Ages, owning a sunroom was no less than modern people owning a luxury villa, in fact, in the Middle Ages, owning a sun house is no less than a modern man having a luxury villa. By the late 19th century, steel structures and curved glass were more and more widely used, and the style of the sunroom also became diverse.

greenhouse sunroom glass house

The sunroom is a building respected by people pursuing nature and fashion at home and abroad. Since entering the 21st century, with the improvement of the domestic economic level and the aspiration and pursuit of high-quality life of Chinese people, sunroom has been developing rapidly in China.


In the sunroom, you can plant trees, build ponds and so on, and even create the whole sky and grassland, and enjoy the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, which is also the charm of the sunroom.

sunroom glass house laminated glass factory

Sunroom also has a very nice name - winter garden, which directly translates to the meaning of winter garden. It has two meanings: one is to enjoy the warmth of the sun even on cold winter days. The second is that it can achieve the functions of a greenhouse, creating a warm living environment for families even in cold winter.


So how to choose the sunroom glass?


How to choose three types of glass in a sunlight room: insulating glass, laminated glass, and Low-E glass? In fact, these three types of glass have different uses and functions. According to the need to choose to give consumers the maximum benefit.

safety clear glass house green sunroom

Insulating glass: thermal insulation, sound insulation, sealing, dew prevention

It can be said that insulating glass is the most functional glass among these three types of glass. Building a sunroom facade using it can make the sunroom a quiet and private space. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, keeping a constant temperature at all times. Triple-layer insulating tempered glass has stronger sound insulation performance than double-layer insulating tempered glass, and the corresponding thermal insulation and heat preservation performance has also been substantially improved.

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Laminated glass: safe, impact-resistant, pressure-resistant, shattering, and slag free

Why must laminated glass be used on the top surface of the sunroom? In fact, it is mainly for the safety of the sunroom, and it also gives the owner a reassuring pill. Laminated glass shards stick to the film after breaking, which will not cause serious to the human body.

round glass house greenhouse sunroom

Low-E glass: heat insulation, sun protection, UV protection

Low-E glass is coated with a film with thermal and sunscreen properties on the glass. Its biggest role is to provide sunscreen and UV protection, as well as good energy-saving effects, and to change the appearance color to match the building.

The advantages of the three common types of glass for sunroom facade construction are believed to be understood. In order to build out the sunroom to live at ease, the temperature is suitable, but also need to carry out reasonable ventilation and shading design, so as to perfectly cope with the temperature changes in summer and winter.

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