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What shape of the glass shower room do you like


Many people will create shower rooms in their own homes, which can ensure the separation of dry and wet in the bathroom. Due to the different sizes of the bathroom, we will create various types of shower rooms in the bathroom according to the structure of the bathroom. Today, we will introduce several types of shower rooms to you.

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When considering the design of a shower room, it is important to pay attention to the overall size or appearance of the shower room, as well as the rationality of the overall layout. After all, many houses are relatively small nowadays, so when considering the design of a shower room, it is important to consider the size of the house.

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Flat tempered glass shower room partition

There are many shapes of shower rooms, and for those with narrow widths or bathtub spaces but the homeowner is unwilling to use a bathtub and chooses a shower partition, flat tempered glass shower partitions are often used. Glass partition installation separates a part of the shower space. The advantage of glass partitions is their simple design, which can create a space for the room near the wall, suitable for different bathroom constructions. The disadvantage is that the shower screen lacks support and needs to be carefully maintained and not pushed or pulled too hard.

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Fan-shaped shower room. Compared to other shapes, it looks more high-end and occupies smaller space than square shower rooms, so many small families will consider fan-shaped shower rooms.

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Vertical corner-shaped shower room

Nowadays, most people use vertical angle-shaped shower rooms, which have curved and square shapes. Generally, the door structure is a folding door, sliding door, and rolling door. You can choose a single side entry or corner entry, and you can use the corners of the bathroom to create a shower area. There are many shapes to choose from, which can meet different decoration styles, but the space of this type of shower room is relatively small, So it is possible to experience dizziness and fainting during bathing, so it is important to maintain air circulation.


Pentagonal shower room

This type of shower room is also called a diamond-type shower room. It uses a sliding door design and has glass as partitions on both sides. It is relatively spacious and shaped like a diamond after cutting, so it is also called a diamond-type shower. The room has a more fashionable feel and can make the texture of the bathroom better. The diamond-shaped shower room not only meets the needs of wet and dry classification but also makes the space outside the shower room spacious and comfortable.

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Curved glass shower room

Actually, the shower room arc shape is a kind of used times more now, because it can solve the problem of small family toilet dry-wet separation, and it does not have an edge without an Angle, nature won't cause danger, but such a design method is a kind of decorate the highest cost.

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The purpose of decorating the shower room is to solve the problem of dry and wet separation in the bathroom. It can be seen how important the dry and wet separation problem in the bathroom is, so everyone must pay attention to it, otherwise, it may affect the health of the family when using it.

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