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What Magical Designs Have Been Made To Prevent Birds From Hitting Glass Buildings?


Glass curtain walls are installed on urban buildings, which allow ample light during the day and bright lights at night, and green plants are placed behind the glass windows. This satisfies people's imagination of urban life, but it causes at least hundreds of millions of birds to die every year by colliding with glass, which is called "bird strike" in academia. If the buildings are slightly modified to allow birds to "see" the existence of glass, many beautiful creatures can be saved.

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Bird collisions with glass are often considered sporadic by the public because our previous research on bird collisions was almost blank and we have not yet realized the seriousness of this problem. Up to now, research on bird collisions has mostly focused on North America. Research has shown that bird collision with glass ranks second among the causes of bird death directly related to human activities, and poses a greater threat to birds, second only to stray cats hunting. A study in 2014 estimated that in the United States alone, between 365 million and 1 billion birds die each year due to glass collisions.

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So how can we avoid such a large-scale bird collision happening again? To prevent it from the root cause, bird friendly buildings can be designed and constructed to reduce the use of large areas of glass, or bird strike resistant glass can be used. In some European and American countries, mature building standards have already been established. For most existing buildings in China, it is easier to carry out bird collision prevention renovation. Wave dot pattern stickers with a spacing of no more than 5cm * 5cm on the original transparent glass windows allow birds to perceive the glass and effectively defend themselves.

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There is also a type of bird proof glass with wave point patterns, which is very suitable for high-rise bird proof buildings. This type of colored glazed glass with special wave point patterns on the surface can distinguish the presence of glass by changing the reflection and refraction angle of light, thus avoiding collisions.

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The dot effect silkscreen printing glass not only effectively prevents bird impacts, but also enhances the aesthetics of the building. Its unique pattern design not only serves as a visual barrier, but also adds an artistic touch to the building.

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In addition, the dot effect silkscreen printing glass also has a certain sunshade and heat insulation effect, which can effectively reduce the temperature inside the building, reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning, and save energy. At the same time, its anti-ultraviolet performance can also protect indoor furniture and decoration from damage by ultraviolet rays.

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In general, the dot effect silkscreen printing glass is a new building material with advanced technology and strong practicality. It can not only solve the problem of bird collision, but also improve the beauty and energy saving effect of the building. With the advancement of technology and the promotion of application, it is believed that the dot effect silkscreen printing glass will play a more important role in future architectural design.

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