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What kind of shower room glass is better?


There are many types of shower rooms, and glass can be divided into two types: transparent glass and opaque glass. Many people are also conflicted about this choice. Some families think transparent glass is good, while others think opaque glass is good. So, which one is better to choose?

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The characteristics of transparent glass are that it gives a relatively transparent feeling, expands the field of view, and looks much brighter. It can brighten the bathroom, especially for home bathrooms with dark decoration styles.

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You can choose transparent glass to enhance the transparency of the entire bathroom, and when taking a shower, you will directly face the shower glass. Therefore, many people like to see the surrounding scenery through the shower room, but the disadvantage is that it is transparent and lacks a sense of privacy. If someone is taking a shower at home, it is not very convenient for those who want to use the toilet.

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Transparent glass generally chooses tempered glass. To avoid self explosion and injury to people, some users may choose to apply explosion-proof film. Even if the glass self explodes and breaks, the splashed glass fragments will still stick to the explosion-proof film, which will not cause harm to the human body.

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Untransparent glass can choose acid etch glass, frosted glass, silkscreen printed glass, embossed glass such as Moru glass, etc. These types of glass have more privacy, and frosted glass and frosted glass are also more expensive.

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The most popular type of glass on the market is frosted explosion-proof glass, which not only protects one's privacy but also ensures safety during bathing. Therefore, many people at home now choose this type of glass; Screen printed glass and embossed glass are only relative to transparent glass. Decorations can serve as a barrier, making them less transparent. However, they are not suitable for privacy conscious individuals.

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Whether it is transparent glass or opaque glass, their function is actually the same, achieving a dry and wet separation effect for the bathroom and not being so cold during winter showers. The specific choice of glass still depends on one's own preferences.

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