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What Is The Vertical Glass Panel On The Ceiling Of The Shopping Mall?


When walking in a shopping mall and looking up at the ceiling, we may wonder what these vertical glass panels on the roof are.


Upon closer inspection, the subway also has this type of glass panel. These glass panels are called smoke barriers, which can be of great use in the event of a fire. It can limit the spread of smoke and buy time for personnel to escape safely.

laminated glass smoke barriers

Smoke barriers are made of non-combustible materials installed vertically under the building ceiling, beams, or ceilings. They can form a certain smoke storage space in a fire.


Fixed smoke barrier walls are fixedly installed and can meet the set smoke barrier height. Glass smoke barrier walls are a type of fixed smoke barrier wall. They are made of fireproof glass and are vertically fixed under the building ceiling, beams, or ceilings. They can meet the set smoke barrier height and form a certain smoke storage space in the event of a fire.


Types of glass smoke barriers: Glass smoke barriers can usually be classified according to the different glass materials, specifically divided into single-piece fireproof wire mesh glass smoke barriers, wired fireproof glass smoke barriers, and laminated fireproof glass smoke barriers.

fireproof wire mesh glass smoke barriers

Single-piece fireproof glass smoke barriers can be divided into single-piece clear-tempered fireproof glass smoke barriers and single-piece ultra clear tempered fireproof glass smoke barriers. Its characteristics are good light transmittance and beautiful appearance. Among them, is light transmittance: ultra clear glass has stronger light transmittance than clear glass. The disadvantage is that when the smoke barrier encounters a certain intensity of external force impact, its stability will be weakened and it may break.

wire mesh glass smoke barriers supplier

Wired fireproof glass smoke barrier wall, which has steel wire inlaid in the center of the glass, is also called safety glass. Its outstanding advantage is that when the glass is broken by external impact, the broken glass will not fall or collapse completely due to the connection of the steel wire, so it has high safety.

fireproof glass antifire wire glass factory wholesale

Laminated fireproof glass smoke barrier. It is a perfect type of glass smoke barrier, which has the light transmittance and aesthetics of a single piece of fireproof glass smoke barrier, and the safety and stability of a wired fireproof glass smoke barrier. However, due to the production cost, the unit price is relatively high.

clear laminated glass smoke barrier

Smoke barriers are suitable for indoor places with large areas and a lack of natural partitions. In places with high aesthetic requirements such as shopping malls, smoke barriers made of fireproof glass are usually used.

curved safety glass smoke barriers for shopping mall

According to relevant industry specifications, the height of the smoke barrier cannot be less than 50 cm. However, fireproof roller shutters and doors, windows, and partitions that meet fire protection requirements can also have the same effect and prevent the spread of smoke and fire. The inconspicuous smoke barrier glass is part of the complex fire protection measures of modern buildings.

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