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What is the special function of a dot effect glass curtain wall


In this developing city, there are more and more high-rise buildings, and glass curtain walls have become a symbol of modern architecture. However, these clear building glass surfaces pose a huge danger to innocent birds. Every year, birds that cannot see glass mistakenly believe that glass can pass through trees or the sky, and then accidentally hit the glass, causing injury or immediate death. This is a heartbreaking phenomenon.

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The design of glass curtain walls is beautiful and generous, adding a sense of modernity to the city. However, for birds, these glass curtain walls are a fatal trap.

In order to prevent more birds from having this problem, we adopt an innovative glass curtain wall design - polka dot glass curtain wall. The characteristic of the wavy point glass curtain wall is that the glass surface is covered with a layer of tiny wavy points, which can reflect sunlight and form a visual interference effect. For birds, these wavy points act like obstacles. They can see the existence of the glass curtain wall and avoid the risk of collision.

The application of wave point glass curtain walls can effectively prevent the tragedy of birds hitting the glass and losing their lives. Moreover, the wave point glass curtain wall can also play a role in energy conservation. Due to its ability to reflect sunlight and reduce indoor heat absorption, the wave point glass curtain wall reduces the frequency of air conditioning usage and saves energy.

In addition to the dot effect glass curtain wall, we can also take other measures to protect the safety of birds. For example, applying special stickers or decorations to glass curtain walls can increase the visibility of the glass.

These polka dot designs are not just simple decoration, but are designed to allow birds to "see" the glass clearly and avoid collisions. The design of wavy points creates visual interference on the glass surface, allowing birds to detect the presence of glass and avoid being mistaken for a transparent space. This life-saving design is not only to protect birds, but also to protect our ecological environment. The dot-shaped insulated glass curtain wall is not only practical, but also makes the building more beautiful.

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This design complements the modern architectural style and adds a unique color to the city. Let us pay attention to life together, protect birds with innovative designs, and make cities a safe haven for birds. Let our building not only be cold reinforced concrete, but a warm and important home.


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