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What Is Coated Glass?


Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metal, alloy, or metal compound films on the surface of the glass to change the optical properties of the glass to meet certain specific requirements. With the improvement of people's quality of life, the choice of glass materials in home decoration is becoming more and more high-end and diversified.


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Considerations for custom coated glass

1. Choose the regular manufacturers

The production of glass seems simple, but coated glass requires multiple processes to complete it, so special attention must be paid to choosing a regular manufacturer. Some well-known float glass manufacturers also produce coated float glass. KXG has long-term cooperation with XYG, CSG and other manufacturers to provide high-quality coated glass.


2. Determine the order price

Coated glass is much more expensive than ordinary glass, so it is still necessary to pay special attention to its overall offer, the price of customized products is bound to be higher, and there are more types of coated glass, we need to choose the right type of coating according to the actual needs.


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3. Determine the delivery time of the other party

Coated glass has a wide range of uses and various types, and it may take some time to wait for customization. Therefore, it is recommended to directly choose a large-scale manufacturer, so as to ensure that the direct purchase of good quality coated glass will not affect our next step of decoration.


Glass is used in a wide range of applications, such as home furnishing doors and windows, curtain walls, etc. Nowadays, coated glass is more popular, mainly because of its own unique advantages, such as heat insulation, UV protection, explosion-proof, etc. What are the benefits of installing coated glass for doors and windows at home? At the same time, what are the characteristics of coated glass? Let's learn more about it.


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What are the benefits of coated glass

Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metals, alloys, or metal compounds on the surface of the glass to change the performance of the glass. According to different characteristics, it can be divided into heat-reflective glass and low-emissivity glass. Its main benefits are:


1. Effective heat insulation, saving energy and improving human comfort.

2. Separate ultraviolet light, prevent the floor, furniture, curtain walls, and other goods from fading, prolong the service life of the goods.

3. Privacy, enhances the privacy effect, you can't see the inside from the outside, and the outside is softer, adding a beautifying effect to the room.


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What are the coated glass features

1. High-temperature resistance. Glass coating can effectively reflect sunlight and external heat radiation, effectively reducing indoor temperature.

2. Anti-scratch. The coating can better protect the glass surface from damage.

3. Easy to clean. The coating is not easy to attach to dust and dirt, and only clean water is enough to keep the glass clean.

4、Super strong water repellency. When the rain falls on the glass, it shrinks into water droplets and slides down, effectively preventing the formation of scale.


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In general, installing coated glass on doors and windows at home can create a more comfortable living environment, such as privacy protection, heat insulation, UV protection, etc., with many benefits. Therefore, according to the above content, you can choose coated glass for home decoration, which is beautiful and durable.

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