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Warmly welcome leaders of the Singapore project team to visit Kunxing Glass


On the afternoon of April 3, 2024, the leading representatives of the Singapore building glass project team visited Dongguan Kunxing Glass Products Co., Ltd. for a visit. During the reception, Kunxing Company gave the project managers a warm reception, and went deep into the office area and production workshop to carry out various tasks, and looked in detail at our company's personnel management, production safety, product quality and work processes.

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The Singapore project team has maintained a close cooperative relationship with Kunxing Glass Company. As an important partner of architectural glass, Kunxing Glass Company has been committed to providing customers with high-quality glass products. The visit of the head of the Singapore project team is also a recognition of the product quality and service level of Kunxing Glass Company.

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Introduction to Kunxing Company

The leaders first came to the company's conference room, and the person in charge of the foreign trade department of Kunxing Glass gave a company introduction, including a detailed introduction to the company's development history, company advantages, company business products, and production process details of related products. The leaders of the Singapore project team paid great attention to every detail of the project construction.

KXG glass building factory

During this period, the leaders raised specific questions about the production and quality of glass products. Kunxing Company selected high-quality raw materials for processing, and the processing process was also very rigorous and exquisite in every processing step, which was affirmed by the people in charge of the project.

Singapore leader kxg partner

Visit Kunxing Factory

Subsequently, accompanied by Kunxing Company and its partners, we visited the company's workshop together, gaining a deeper understanding of the raw materials, production and processing processes, and safe packaging of the products.

visit kunxing glass factory

During the inspection process, the leadership representatives of the Singapore project team highly praised Kunxing Glass Company's production workshop, product quality control, and research and development capabilities.

visit kunxing glass factory

Through this inspection activity, Kunxing Glass Company once again demonstrated its strength and advantages in the field of building glass products, and also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation with more Singapore projects. It is believed that with the joint efforts of both parties, the cooperation between Kunxing Glass Company and the Singapore project team will achieve more fruitful results.

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