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Using folding glass doors, beautiful and practical without occupying an area


Now the doors on the market can be mainly divided into three types: side-hinged doors, sliding doors, and folding doors. Among them, folding doors are a great tool for saving space and are very suitable for small apartments.


The advantages of folding doors


1. Save space, improve lighting and ventilation

side-hinged doors will occupy the area inside and outside the door, and sliding glass doors will reduce the door opening by half. After the folding door is opened, it can be pushed to the end without obstructing the line of sight, saving space to the greatest extent, and allowing more light to enter the room, improving the house's appearance. Lighting and ventilation effects.

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For houses with insufficient area and strange house types, the folding door takes up less space, and the door opening position can be arranged reasonably.


2. The space is more flexible and open

The folding door can also be used as a space partition, allowing the space to be open and independent. When closed, the space function can be clearly divided. After opening, two adjacent areas can be opened up, making the space division more flexible.

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3. Beautiful atmosphere, strong decoration

There are many styles of folding doors. A good-looking folding door can add a lot of color to the appearance of the home. Different from the stereotypes of side-hinged doors and sliding doors, the half-open and half-close folding doors make the whole space more three-dimensional, and the decoration is also particularly strong. You can create a sense of luxury in an instant.


Applicable space for folding doors

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1. Balcony folding door

For balconies, most families will choose sliding doors as balcony partitions, but at least half of the sliding doors are closed, and there is no way to achieve a complete opening effect, which will affect the lighting and ventilation effects.


Therefore, if your home is a small apartment or the ventilation and lighting effects are not good, you can consider the design of the folding glass door, which can not only improve the sense of space and the ventilation and lighting effects. And after closing the door in winter, it can also play a certain role in heat preservation.

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2. Living room folding door

Folding doors can subtly divide the living room space, and at the same time, make the three-dimensional sense of the space rise. When the folding door is opened, the space instantly becomes spacious. After closing, you also get a relatively independent space.


3. Study folding door

If the study is not used frequently and is only used as an auxiliary function area, folding doors can be used to connect the study with other spaces. When no one is using the study, open the folding door to incorporate the study space into the public area, making the home look more spacious.

Study folding glass partition door

When the study room is adjacent to the living room, folding glass doors are installed to make the visual perception of the space more open and spacious, and at the same time, it will not affect the lighting of the living room.


4. Kitchen folding door

Generally, if it is not an open kitchen, the kitchen door opening is generally only about one door wide, so for such a small door opening and a small internal space, choose a folding door with a narrower door leaf to save space.

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There are also some householders who are worried about the problem of oil fume and cannot accept a fully open kitchen. At this time, folding doors are also a very good choice, which can not only isolate oil fume, but also ensure the linkage of the space, and harvest an "open kitchen".


5. Bathroom folding door

Usually, the limited area of the bathroom, and folding doors can greatly save space inside the bathroom, and opening will not take up too much space, not only practical and save ground, but the value is also very good.


Folding door in addition to applying to the above space partition, but also can be extended to the interior glass windows and cabinet doors. Some natural light can not be direct to the room, so you can open an interior folding window on the non-bearing wall, not only to achieve the effect of improving light and ventilation but also more space-saving.

bathroom folding door partition

Folding cabinet doors can bring more possibilities to the already small space, and the visual effect is more spacious than the flush wardrobe doors, if the wardrobe space is a little larger, there will also be a kind of transformed cloakroom sense of immediacy.

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