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Types and features of decorative glass from KXG


Decorative glass is the glass used for decoration. Most of these glass are deep-processed, frosted, printing glass, laminated, etc. With the expansion of people's needs, there are more and more types of decorative glass. You will introduce more about the classification of decorative glass.



1. Frosted glass is a chemical glass etching process of frosted glass. The glass is etched with an aqueous solution of hydrofluoric acid, which erodes the silica and roughens the surface of the glass. Finally, the whole glass panel is opaque to enhance the privacy of the interior, with certain decorative properties.


2. Silkscreen printing glass is to print one or more layers of inorganic glaze on the glass surface through screen printing technology, so that the glass has patterns of different colors, and then it is dried and tempered, and the glaze is permanently sintered on the glass surface afeter get a decorative glass product. According to customer needs, we can make silkscreen printing glass with simple patterns and different colors, which is highly decorative.


3.Digital printing glass design is a kind of high technology, which uses multiple colors and prints patterns of multiple colors at the same time. It is then passed through a tempered glass furnace to obtain digital printed tempered glass. The patterns that can be printed using digital printing technology will be richer and more decorative.


4. Obscure patterned glass: Flat glass made by calendering method has the characteristics of transparency and opacity, and is mostly used in bathrooms, partitions, walls and other decorative areas.


5. Wired glass decorated product is a shock-proof flat glass made by embedding metal wires or metal meshes into glass plates by calendering. When impacted, only radial cracks will be formed, and will not fall and hurt people.

6. Laminated glass is made by laminating PVB or SGP film between two or more pieces of glass, which is then manufactured in industries such as hot-pressing tables, etc. PVB film can be selected in different colors film for glass lamination, or PET film with customizable patterns for lamination, and is commonly used in renovation projects with safety requirements.


7. Hot bending glass is flat glass in the mold after heating and softening annealing made of curved glass. The frequency of appearance of some advanced decoration is increasing, mostly used for table top, shelves and other decorative areas.


All of the above decorative glass KXG can provide and can be customized according to customer requirements to guarantee its products and quality.


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