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Three Types Of Glass Can Instantly Enhance The Temperament Of a Home


Glass cannot escape in home decoration. As one of the most common materials, glass can effectively block oil fumes and water vapor, making indoor lighting better; Visually, there are many styles to choose from, and if you want a clear view or a hazy illusion, different types of glass can meet your needs. For indoor spaces, the application of black frames and large glass is also common. Mainly in black and white and dark wood colors, it introduces a large amount of natural light, allowing the house to remain soft and warm in a large amount of white space - and the most eye-catching one is the use of a large amount of black fine line frame glass.

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In the restaurant, rectangular black thin frame glass is embedded in the white wall, and the sliding door leading to the kitchen is also black thin frame glass. The thin line molecular lights on the dining table are matched with it. The floor to ceiling glass windows and black framed glass doors in the living room reflect on the mirror at the entrance.

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Use good glass at home. Let the glass become the most chic scenery at home. Different textures, different sizes of glass in different spaces, different scenarios, whether as a partition or as a decorative, these in these scenarios selected by these glass is very worthy of reference and reference.

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1. The most transparent: thin black wire frame + front large glass door

If you want to distinguish the space, but do not want to have any impact on the natural light, and at the same time to make the interior space more layered and progressive, the front large glass doors are a good choice.


Bedroom/Transparent Glass Sliding Door

Bath tub and bedroom between the glass door partition, both do not block the scenery outside the window on the bed and sunshine into the bedroom, but also can effectively block the moisture and moisture of the bathroom.

embossed glass privacy partition

Study/Dark Glass Sliding Door

If you are worried about collisions or want to balance some light, you may choose dark glass such as brown or black. Between the study and corridor, black narrow framed dark glass doors are used to partition, ensuring appropriate sound insulation and balancing privacy and indoor lighting.

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Black grid glass door

If you prefer crisscrossing, black thin lines of grid glass are not bad. You can choose to replace the entire wall, or choose half wall and half glass. This type of glass not only has the nostalgia of old-fashioned iron windows, but also maintains a modern and streamlined sense of lines, and is more stable.

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Kitchen/Two Glass Walls

Surrounding the kitchen space with black framed grid glass can effectively prevent oil fumes and match the black and white style of the home. It also echoes the dining area of the glass small round table.


Bathroom/Half wall and half glass

The bathroom is surrounded by a semi wall and semi black framed glass grid. If the load-bearing wall at home cannot be completely knocked down, or if you are concerned that the entire glass wall is not sturdy, you may consider referring to this semi wall and semi glass design.


2. Retro bathroom standard configuration: embossed glass

The following cases embossed glass, from the glass texture on the window, to the entire glass door, and to the complete replacement of walls with glass to build a bathroom space, all add more or less to the retro atmosphere of the bathroom.


Retro glass doors

The bathroom with dry and wet separation is separated by a black steel window embossed glass door that separates the dry area sink from the wet area. This can effectively prevent the mist and water vapor from the wet area from seeping into the dry area.

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A bathroom consisting of two retro glass walls

Surrounded by double-sided hammer patterned glass and black iron frame, warm yellow lighting and white tiles, as well as vintage bathroom hardware accessories, it exudes a strong sense of retro.


3. Various doors or partitions can be used: Moru Glass

Embossed glass has many styles, and we have found that the increasingly popular one recently is a type of vertical striped embossing -  Moru Glass. Moru Glass comes with a blurry mist surface, which can enhance the beauty of the reflected light, plants or decorations on the other side of the glass due to defocus.


Toilet/sliding door

The home bathroom is also equipped with a sliding door made of Moru Glass and black fine line iron frame, decorated with small immortal pillars, vertical rectangular mirror cabinets, and Moru Glass vertical stripe patterns, making the overall appearance of this place straight and more profound.


Kitchen/sliding door

Two large pieces of Moru Glass were used to create sliding doors for the kitchen and study, and a door cover was used to connect the two doors for a more integrated look.

moru embossed glass reeded glass railing

Loft/Stairway Fence

It is a small Loft apartment, and the railing partition on the second floor uses a thin black wire iron frame embedded with long rainbow glass.

moru embossed glass reeded glass railing

Bedroom/wardrobe door

Due to the small size of the bedroom space, a semi transparent Moru Glass sliding door was chosen to make the bedroom visually more spacious.

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