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The most common glass for interior - patterned fluted glass panels


Patterned glass is a kind of flat glass manufactured by the calendering method. Before hardening, use a roller with patterns to press patterns on one or both sides of the glass, to make patterned glass with patterns on one or both sides.


pattern decorated glass


Patterned glass, also known as fluted glass, is mainly used in interior partitions, door and window glass, bathroom glass partitions, and so on. The patterns and designs on the glass are beautiful, which look like they are pressed on the glass surface and have a better decorative effect.


Patterned glass has the characteristics of light transmission and non-see-through, and plays the role of blocking privacy. At the same time, it has a certain decorative function for the diffuse reflection of light.

pattern fluted glass door


Patterned glass has a fuzzy matte effect, which makes the light and furniture, plants, decorations and other objects on the other side hazier because of being out of focus. It is often used in the entrance area or as a partition. If it is installed in the bathroom, While ensuring privacy, it does not affect lighting at all.


pattern fluted glass panels


1. Optimize indoor lighting. The essence of patterned glass is glass, which has the high permeability of all glass, and the partition will not separate space and light like other materials.

pattern glass fluted privacy glass door


2. Increase the hazy beauty of the interior. The regular patterns are refracted, and because of the inability to focus and the resulting matte effect, can create a kind of light-transparent opaque hazy beauty in the home.


3. Relieve the feeling of depression in a small space. The transparency of the patterned glass itself can make partitions or sliding doors look brighter visually, and it will not be as depressing as the solid wall.


pattern fluted glass privacy partition


At the same time, patterned glass can be produced in various colors, and can be used as a good decorative material for various indoor spaces. The living room, dining room, study room, screen, and porch are all suitable for installing patterned glass.


pattern glass door privacy glass


This kind of glass can block a certain line of sight, and at the same time has good light transmission. It is beautiful and has a certain degree of privacy. This kind of glass is really popular in the interior decoration industry.

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