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The application advantages of warm air spacers on the hollow glass of the skylight


Flat-mounted or inclined-mounted daylighting roof glass is different from facade glass in terms of load, radiation intensity, and pumping absorption strength, so it also puts forward higher requirements for the edge sealing of insulating glass, and the warm air spacer is used here. The application has more prominent advantages.


Low thermal conductivity, thermal insulation

The irradiation time and intensity of the light roof glass are much higher than that of the facade glass in the same area, and the warm air spacer has an ultra-low thermal conductivity, which means that the insulating glass fitted with the warm air spacer has less edge heat transfer, thus reducing the U-value of the insulating glass and improving the thermal insulation performance of the glass, which is more conducive to building energy saving.

insulated glass air spacer window glass

At the same time, the ultra-low thermal conductivity of the warm-side spacer also brings better anti-condensation performance to the hollow glass of the lighting roof, reducing the risk of mold growth and dripping caused by glass condensation, and also presenting a more transparent lighting effect.


Excellent argon retention performance

Insulating glass filled with inert gas (usually argon) is the most economical way to reduce the U-value of the glass, however, insulating glass made up of traditional aluminum air spacer strips is difficult to control in the maintenance of the inert gas.

insulated glass roof sunskylight

Excellent sealing durability

The traditional aluminum spacer strip, due to its own structure and processing and molding process, may have the phenomenon of internal overflow and tearing of butyl rubber, thus increasing the possibility of hollow glass sealing failure, and the pump effect of light roof glass is more obvious, and the possibility of its sealing failure will be greatly increased.

mall insulated glass roof

The warm air spacer has a 100% elastic memory function, which can contract or rebound with the pump effect, thus effectively resolving the pumping load of the hollow edge seal. Moreover, the three-channel sealing structure can effectively prevent the butyl from moving under the pump effect, ensuring a continuous and complete butyl seal for insulating glass.


Perfect fit for curved glass craft

The flexible and elastic characteristics of warm air spacer insulating glass are perfectly suitable for curved insulating glass. When calculating the stress of curved bent glass, you don’t have to worry about the risk of glass breakage caused by the hard support of air spacers and the sealing durability of curved bent glass.

Sound insulation performance is excellent

The noise source of daylighting roof glass is different from that of facade glass, and its biggest noise source is mainly the impact sound of rainwater and glass. In the traditional air spacer insulating glass, the air spacer at its edge acts as a sound bridge, so that the impact sound of rainwater is directly transmitted to the indoor layer of the insulating glass and then into the room.

glass facade skylight safety glass doom

The flexible microporous foam structure of the warm air spacer can effectively alleviate the direct conduction of sound and block the transmission of noise to a large extent.


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