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Professional glass products are able to provide Heat Soak testing tempered glass


Tempered glass is a hugely popular product and KXG supply it in all forms, flat, tempered glass and laminated and it is used for many applications including glass balustrade, canopy and partition,ect.


glass balustrade for shopping mall


In rare cases, tempered glass can break spontaneously without any load. These breaks can be months or even years after installation.


When nickel sulfide inclusions (NiS) are present, the standard tempering process changes the state of the inclusions, which cannot return to their original form due to rapid cooling. Over time, NiS may slowly transform into its pre-toughened form, but with increasing volume and size can lead to breakage.


Due to the impossibility of finding such very small inclusions, no float glass manufacturer can guarantee the complete absence of NiS inclusions in glass. As such, any breakages are not warrantied and therefore KXG recommend Heat Soak testing to glass.


heat soak testing tempered glass



Heat soaking is a destructive process where tempered glass is placed in an oven, heated to 295°-300°, and held at this temperature for 4 hours, this is to speed up the expansion of any inclusions, and in the oven cause breakage, thereby reducing the risk of future breakage in the field.


KXG company has advanced technology international of large heat soak tempered glass furnace. The heat soak furnace also authentication by Hongkong third party. For ensure the tempered glass after heat soaked test is reliability. We can Heat Soak any thickness of glass in curved or flat form.


heat soak testing of toughened glass


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