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Performance and application of curved tempered glass


The development of tempered glass can be traced back to the mid-17th century, when the Prince of the Rhine discovered this glass, also known as toughened glass. When tempered glass appears to break, it will be broken into small obtuse particles, which will not cause major harm to the human body.


curved railing glass balustrade


After years of development, tempered glass technology has been fully promoted and popularized around the world, and tempered glass has been put into use in many fields, especially in architecture and automobiles, and with the development needs of people, curved tempered glass is also produced on demand.



The production method of curved tempered glass is to put the cut glass of good size (the glass that requires water jet cutting and drilling holes need do first), put it into the tempering heating furnace, heat it to the softening temperature, and after the glass is softened, place it in the The curved tempered glass mold with adjusted radian is quickly and uniformly cooled by cold wind to form it, and then the curved tempered glass can be made.


The surface of the tempered glass forms uniform compressive stress, while the interior forms tensile stress, which multiplies the surface strength of the glass and effectively improves the bending resistance and impact resistance of the glass, with a strength of four times that of float glass. When curved tempered glass breaks, it splits into small particles that are uniform, small and obtuse shape and not easy to hurt people, which is safety glass.

curved laminated safety glass


Curved tempered glass is widely used in daily life. Single pieces of ultra clear glass, tinted glass, coated glass and silkscreen printing glass can be made into curved tempered glass, or combined products such as curved tempered insulating glass, curved tempered laminated glass and curved tempered laminated insulating glass. Mainly used for building interior and exterior decoration, lighting roofs, sightseeing elevators, arched corridors, revolving doors, curtain walls, etc.


curved glass curtain wall


The difference between curved tempered glass and hot bending glass


Different processing methods


Hot bending glass using hot bending furnace processing, at present, most glass processing plants use electric heating hot bending furnace, this hot bending furnace temperature control is convenient, easy to operate, do not pollute the glass, the quality of products and product consistency is high. The hot bending furnace can only process a piece of glass at once.


hot bending glass


The curved tempered glass is made by bending the tempering furnace, heating the glass to the softening point and then placing it in a tuned mold, which is quickly and evenly cooled by hot pressing.


Strength, hardness performance, safety are different

curved tempered insulated glass building


Curved tempered glass has been tempered, and hot bending glass is not tempered treatment, which is equivalent to ordinary glass. Therefore, the strength of curved tempered glass is 4 times that of hot bending glass. When the curved tempered glass is broken, it will also form small fragments at obtuse angles, which greatly reduces the harm to the human body and has higher safety. However, hot bending glass has not been tempered, so has poor safety performance.


Appearance and shape are different


The appearance of curved tempered glass is arc-shaped, and the shape is limited; hot bending glass can be made in any shape.

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