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Moru Pattern Glass Can Really Make Homes Advanced, Why Is It So Popular


Speaking of Moru Pattern Glass, is definitely an Internet celebrity in the decoration industry. There has never been a piece of glass as popular as it. It can be seen in almost every building decoration project. It is not unreasonable for Moru Pattern Glass to become an Internet celebrity. After all, it's really beautiful, hazy, with a proud and charming figure.


Moru Pattern Glass Wholesale

Moru Pattern Glass Wholesale


In fact, Moru Pattern Glass is not mysterious at all. It is similar to ordinary glass from a distance. Its biggest feature is the pattern with vertical stripes, just like we wear striped clothes. Horizontal stripes make people bloated, while vertical stripes will stretch the visual sense and make you look slimmer.


Moru Pattern Glass is used in homes with such unique pattern characteristics, which can instantly stretch and expand the visual sense of the entire space, making the home larger and visually stretched.


At the same time, the characteristics of glass make it not affect the lighting, with a vague and hazy feeling, like a distant landscape painting, making it feel hazy and somewhat distant, especially suitable for use in homes. It's like a bride who is beautiful and shy, with a bit of ambiguity and a sense of sophistication.



The Physical Characteristics of Moru Pattern Glass

Moru Pattern Glass is a type of embossed glass that can be customized for both long and short styles, with thicknesses of 5mm and 8mm, as well as laminated Moru Pattern Glass. One or more layers of organic polymer film are sandwiched between two or more pieces of glass, transparent or opaque. After special processing, the entire thickness reaches 10mm, making the glass not easily broken and safe.



ultra-clear Moru Pattern Glass factory

Ultra-clear Moru Pattern Glass


1. Suggestion: 8mm Moru Glass is used for doors, windows, and door leaves, which is relatively thick and sturdy. 10mm Moru Glass can be used in bathroom shower rooms or places that require privacy.


2. Purchasing suggestion: It is best to purchase tempered Moru Pattern Glass, which is very important. Even if tempered glass is smashed, it will not cause glass to break to the ground, and its safety is much higher.


3. Color suggestion: Moru Pattern Glass mainly comes in two types: clear green and ultra-clear glass. The reason for the green color is that the glass contains iron. If the requirements for this aspect are not high, clear Moru Pattern Glass can be chosen. If you want a more transparent texture, choosing expensive ultra-clear Moru Pattern Glass is definitely the right choice, with fewer impurities and a full sense of luxury.



Differences between Moru Pattern Glass and Other Glass

In addition to Moru Pattern Glass, other commonly used glass in home decoration include frosted glass, transparent glass, glass bricks, as well as other embossed glass such as raindrops, cloth patterns, crabapple flowers, gold threads, and wood patterns. Let's compare why Moru Pattern Glass is more likely to become an internet celebrity than other glass.


1. Compare frosted glass

Disadvantages of frosted glass: The texture of frosted glass is more delicate. If the light is refracted on frosted glass, it is transparent but not transparent. In terms of appearance and transparency, it is not as good as Moru Pattern Glass.


frosted privacy glass acid etched glass vs moru pattern glass

Frosted Privacy Glass Acid Etched Glass Vs Moru Pattern Glass

2. Contrast clear glass

Shortcomings of clear glass: At first glance, compared to Moru Pattern Glass, it lacks concealment and hazy beauty.


3. Compared to embossed glass with other patterns

Other shortcomings of embossed glass: such as aqualite, mistlite, and diamond are more commonly used in home tableware cup sets. Small areas may have a high appearance, but if they are made into large partitions or doors, the pattern is messy and not as good as the high-end Moru Pattern Glass.


decorated pattern glass door wholesale

Decorated Pattern Glass Door Wholesale


Moru Pattern Glass is most outstanding when used in four places

Moru Pattern Glass has a wide range of uses. In fact, it can be concluded that it is the most beautiful and beautiful when used in the following four places, especially for partitions or cabinet doors, which are full of high-end.


1. Space partition

Whether it is the entrance and living room, living room and dining room, bedroom, and cloakroom, etc., if you want to make a partition but don’t know what material to use, Moru Pattern Glass is a good choice.


2. Door

Moru Pattern Glass is also very beautiful when used in cloakroom doors, balcony doors, bathroom doors, and kitchen doors. It does not block the line of sight and has hazy light transmission. The vertical stripes visually extend, giving it a sense of mystery.


Moru Glass decorated partition wall

Moru Glass Decorated Partition Wall


3. Customized cabinets

In the past, you couldn’t see anything when you closed the door of the customized cabinet. You can consider using Moru Pattern Glass when customizing the cabinet, which is hazy to cover and has a high value.


The sideboard is made of Moru Pattern Glass, so you don’t have to worry about dust in the cabinet, and you can see the decorations inside through the glass.

The wardrobe is made of Moru Pattern Glass, and there is a hidden light strip inside. Once the light strip is turned on, it has a strong sense of decoration.

Moru Pattern Glass is used in the cabinets to reduce the sense of clutter, and it is convenient for you to see the items inside, and you can take them at hand to increase the value of the kitchen.


Moru Pattern Glass Cabinet supplier

Moru Pattern Glass For Door


The bookcase uses Moru Pattern Glass to reduce dust and make the books inside dimly visible.


4. Stair handrails

The stair handrail made of Moru Pattern Glass is also very beautiful, and it will not affect the lighting. Moru Pattern Glass with black handrail is especially suitable for modern, light luxury, and Nordic styles.


If you are also decorating your home, install Moru Pattern Glass at home to enhance the style of your home.

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