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Main features and advantages of indoor laminated glass


Laminated glass is sturdy, durable, transparent, decorative, and shatterproof, making it very suitable for various purposes, including display cabinets, partitions and partitions, modular walls, etc.

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Railings and balustrades: Increase the depth and refinement of the hotel lobby or office atrium.

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Modular walls: create a sense of openness and promote natural lighting throughout the office space.

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Partition/partition board: This shatterproof and scratch-resistant material is very suitable for areas with high pedestrian flow.


Display cabinets and glass cabinets: showcasing elegant and fashionable products.


Office furniture and doors: consider using glass doors and matching furniture to create an inclusive, modern feeling.

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Shower room: Add decorative elements, such as custom color matching and back spray painting.

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Laminated glass and tempered glass

Either one is suitable for most projects due to its durability, strength, and expert manufacturing. However, the specific choice should depend on the use and application.

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For high-traffic areas such as staircases, corridors, meeting areas, and lobbies, laminated glass is recommended because of its shatterproof properties, flexibility, and ease of maintenance. Unlike plexiglass or acrylic, it will maintain its best appearance over time.

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Laminated Glass Best Practices

Its best to work with an experienced manufacturer with advanced equipment and knowledgeable technical staff, such as KunXing Glass Company. We can answer questions you may have and help determine the best process.

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