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How is frosted glass made? How to protect your privacy with frosted glass


Frosted glass is different from other glass. It has the function of protecting our privacy, especially in bathrooms and office partitions. If privacy cannot be protected, then there is no such thing as frosted glass. Why can frosted glass protect our privacy?

acid etched privacy glass

1. Acid etched process

The frosted process is more difficult. Frosted refers to immersing the glass in a prepared acidic liquid (or applying an acidic paste) to erode the glass surface with strong acid, and at the same time, ammonia hydrogen fluoride in the strong acid solution makes the glass surface form crystals.

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The acid-etched process is a technical work, It is a test of the craftsmanship of the acid-etched master. If done well, the surface of the frosted glass will be exceptionally smooth and hazy by the formation of crystalline scattering effect. But if done poorly, the surface will appear rough, which indicates that the acid erosion of the glass is more serious; also belongs to the master process control is not good.

privacy glass frosted partition wall

2、Sandblasting process

Sandblasting process is very common, the difficulty is general. It is shot with a gun at high-speed sand grains that hit the glass surface, so that the glass forms a fine concave and convex surface, so as to achieve the effect of scattering light, making the light through the formation of a hazy sense. Sandblasting process of glass products with a rougher feel on the surface, as the glass surface is destroyed so it looks as if the original bright material in the glass photographic sense is white.

office partition privacy glass wall

In the comparison process, we can easily find that these two processes, in fact, the consumer groups are also different, the higher the needs of consumers,the probability will choose acid-etched glass, and vice versa, sandblasting is more appropriate. Because the acid etched process to really do a good job is not easy, the sandblasting process can generally be completed by the factory.

frosted decorated privacy glass wall

Features of the frosted glass

1.High degree of safety: Frosted glass is a kind of safety glass, which is very safe to use and guarantees personal safety. Glass is a fragile product. After being subjected to external force, the glass is easily broken. It is very unsafe to use, and if the glass is damaged, it will also increase the cost to the user. However, using frosted tempered glass is not only a good solution There are security issues, and the use time is relatively long.

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2. Protection of privacy: From the surface, the frosted glass partition can't see the indoor situation clearly, giving people a very vague feeling, which ensures the privacy of the room very well. Although it looks blurry from the surface, it can be seen clearly from the inside to the outside, and it will not affect the lighting, and the indoor lighting is also very good.

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