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Hotel shower room uses glass partition


The decoration of hotel bathrooms uses partition materials, with glass being the majority. Most hotels have many doubts about the use of glass materials. Firstly, the layout of the hotel bathroom. In recent years, with the increase of hotel room area, the layout of bathrooms has become more flexible and spacious. As the hotel area increases, the bathroom occupies a larger area and its layout gradually liberates from the opaque square partition walls.

Clear tempered glass hotel bathroom partition wholesale

clear tempered glass hotel bathroom partition wholesale

Nowadays, bathrooms are not always regular rectangles, with open layout spaces that penetrate each other and make the room more spacious. Generally, we place the bathtub on the side near the bedroom, with a partition wall equipped with louvered glass windows, allowing occupants to enjoy the scenery outside the window while showering. The adjustable shutter window shade angle can avoid the use of embarrassment.

safety glass hotel bathroom partition wholesale

Many hotels decorate the washing table, to really face the guest room, in the glass partition and with a mirror as decoration, thus increasing the communication and contact of the space. Some more modern design techniques even if the glass partition is not set, washing table four face empty, and the overflow tank of the table can effectively solve the ground drainage problem. If the bathroom area is large enough, the bathtub can also be suspended layout, so that the bath is beyond its own function and becomes a symbol of the hotel's design.

glass hotel bathroom partition wall factory

The benefits of glass in bathroom decoration design are not just for the aesthetics, and these are not necessarily correct; the main reason for hotel investment in using glass for isolation is to save money. If you use glass as a partition between the toilet and living room at home and make it waterproof, apart from the glass wall, the cost and cost of other waterproofing will basically be many times more expensive. Therefore, only glass walls can be waterproof and save money. This is the effect that other walls want to achieve, which can only be achieved at more cost. This is why many budget hotels like to use such designs to present them to everyone.

Hotel shower room glass partition supplier

clear glass hotel bathroom partition supplier

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