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Glass use is closely related to the concept of window and door design


Glass is an indispensable material component of modern buildings. Glass is used in all kinds of architectural parts. In different occasions, different qualities of glass are required. And it is more widely used in building doors and windows, curtain walls, interior decoration, etc., which means that the application of glass has played a pivotal role in the world's technological level.


Tempered glass is safety glass. The tempered glass can no longer be cut and processed, and the glass can only be shaped before tempering, and then tempered. According to the thickness of the glass, the heating and cooling time is also different. It is obtained by heating the ordinary annealed glass to about 700 degrees close to the softening point, and then cooling it quickly and uniformly.


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The surface stress range of tempered glass is stipulated in the American standard ASTMC1048. It is greater than 69MPa; the new national standard GB15763 implemented by China. "Safety Glass for Buildings Part 2: Tempered Glass" requires that its surface stress should not be less than 90MPa, conducive to reducing spontaneous detonation.


Advantages of tempered glass:

Tempered glass has certain resistance to wind pressure, safety, impact, good elasticity, and good thermal stability. Describe briefly from the following points.


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① Safety: its strength is about four times more than the ordinary annealed glass, broken after the formation of butterfly fragments, and will not directly cause harm to the human body. Ordinary glass is broken when sharp large pieces of fragments, easy to cause serious harm to the human body.


②Impact: When tempered glass is loaded, its maximum tensile stress is not located on the surface of the glass like ordinary glass, but in the center of the tempered glass plate.


③ Heat resistance: has a good thermal stability, can withstand the temperature change of 200℃. Therefore, in the event of fire can play a short fire prevention role.


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Disadvantages of tempered glass:

After toughened, it cannot be cut and processed, and can only be processed before hardening and then tempered; in special cases, it will explode.


① Because the internal stress of the tempered glass door has reached a balance, the molecules are in a tight state. As long as one place destroys the whole balance state, the cylinder will collapse to make the whole glass collapse.


② The self-explosion phenomenon of the tempered glass is mainly caused by the volume expansion caused by the nickel sulfide (NIS) phase change in the glass. The influence of the tempered temperature and the temperature change of the environmental thermal expansion and cold contraction will also cause the glass self-explosion.


Glass doors and windows are laminated, insulated glass processed from a base sheet of tempered glass. The specific glass configuration can be customized according to the user's requirements for the doors and windows.


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Doors and windows are divided into enclosure components or partition components according to their positions, which are important components in the building enclosure structure system. According to different design requirements, they have the functions of heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, windproof and waterproof, fireproof and anti-theft. Doors and windows are an important part of architectural modeling, so their shape, size, proportion, arrangement, color, shape, etc overall shape of the building has a great influence.


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