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Four key factors affecting the quality of glass grinding


Glass grinding is a common processing technique used to improve the surface quality and edge of glass. So what is the purpose of the glass edge grinding?


During the cutting or processing of glass, burrs and defects often occur at the edges. These uneven edges not only affect the appearance of the glass but may also lead to the glass being prone to cracking. By grinding the edges, these burrs and defects can be removed, making the glass edges smoother and more uniform.


how to grind glass edges

Glass edge types - KXG factory


Edge grinding can remove the sharp edges and corners caused during cutting, improve the safety of the glass, and reduce edge cuts when using the glass.


rough glass edge

Beveled edge glass table top


The cracks and cracks formed by cutting at the edge of the glass are ground away, eliminating local stress concentration and increasing the strength of the glass.


The glass edge of different grades of quality processing, rough edge grinding, fine edge grinding, and polishing grinding. KXG company uses the well-known brand grinding machine special equipment to complete the grinding process, the grinding process is very fine.


polish glass edge

polish glass edge


In the glass grinding process, there are four key factors that will directly affect the grinding quality.


First of all, the edge grinding speed is one of the important factors affecting the quality of glass grinding. Too fast an edge grinding speed will cause heat accumulation during the grinding process, causing overheating of the glass surface and causing grinding burns. On the other hand, if the edge grinding speed is too slow, it will lead to low grinding efficiency and a long processing cycle. Therefore, choosing the appropriate edge grinding speed is crucial to ensure grinding quality.


custom glass polish edge

custom glass polish edge


KXG uses medium and low-speed grinding with a precision grinding standard of 2m/s and strictly controls the grinding speed. Medium and low-speed grinding can reduce the occurrence of cracks, scratches, chipping, and other phenomena in the glass, reduce glass loss, and provide customers with high-quality glass products.


Secondly, the number of grinding wheels is also one of the key factors affecting the quality of glass grinding. The bigger the mesh number of grinding wheels used for glass edge grinding, the finer and smoother the edge effect produced. KXG uses a fully automatic glass edge grinding line, and the configuration of the number of grinding wheel mesh starting from edge grinding and chip loading is increasing. From the glass edge rough grinding to the final polishing, the grinding process is completed in the automatic grinding edge line.


glass stair railing

glass stair railing


Then there are the water quality requirements. During the glass edge grinding process, glass chips and residue will be produced. In order to ensure the quality of edge grinding and the smoothness of the glass surface, KXG uses filtered water with a neutral pH value and uses water technology to remove suspended particles and impurities in the water and soften it.


Calcium, magnesium, and other metal ions in the water can reduce scratches on the glass during edge grinding, and acidic water is corrosive and reacts with the glass to cause deterioration, causing damage to the glass surface, causing the glass to become rough or scratched. Using PH Water with a neutral value has good cleaning ability and can effectively remove stains on the glass surface, maintain the cleanliness of the edge grinding process, and improve the glass edge grinding effect and quality.



Finally, the temperature of the edge grinding water is also one of the key factors affecting the quality of glass grinding. The temperature of the glass edge grinding water should be controlled within a suitable range, generally between 20-30℃ at normal temperature. Too high a water temperature may cause thermal expansion and contraction of the glass, resulting in uneven edge grinding or cracking. On the other hand, the edge grinding water temperature is too low. This will lead to low grinding efficiency and a long processing cycle.


Therefore, water temperature control can ensure the quality of glass edge grinding.


custom glass edge and glass corner

custom glass edge and glass corner


The KXG team can reasonably control the glass edge grinding operation according to customer requirements, bringing customers different edge grinding effects and meeting customer requirements for glass surface quality.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the KXG team.

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