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Features of energy-saving heatproof and soundproof insulated glass


Insulated glass was invented in 1865, is a new type of building material, with good heat insulation, sound insulation, beautiful appearance, and can reduce the weight of buildings. It uses two (or three) pieces of glass, a highly air-tight composite adhesive, the glass and containing desiccant aluminum alloy frame bonding, make high efficiency sound insulation glass. The performance of insulated glass is better than ordinary double glass, so it has been recognized by all countries around the world.



Insulating glass is a new building material with good heat insulation, suitable for aesthetics, and can reduce the self-weight of buildings. If such an environmentally friendly, heat insulation, sound insulation and beautiful material can be used in home decoration, it will definitely have a different effect.


Insulated glass can choose a variety of different performance according to the requirements, such as transparent float glass reeded glass, reflective glass, wire glass, tempered glass,etc. and frame (aluminum frame or glass strip), Made of structural glue and aluminum strips.

Insulated glass has the following features.



First of all, it has a very large energy-saving effect. Due to the special metal film, the insulated glass of high-performance can reach the shading coefficient of 0.22-0.49, which reduces the load of the indoor air conditioning, and has a better heat transfer coefficient than the ordinary insulating glass. Reducing the load of indoor air conditioning is very effective.



Second, to improve the indoor environment. High-performance insulated glass can prevent the heat from entering the room, so it can prevent the discomfort caused by radiant heat and reduce the glare caused by sunset sunlight.


The third is rich tones and artistry. High-performance insulated glass is available in a variety of colors and patterns. You can choose the color according to your own needs to achieve a more ideal artistic effect.


KXG insulated glass


Fourth, soundproof insulated glass is suitable for office buildings, exhibition rooms, libraries and other public facilities, as well as computer rooms, precision instrument workshops, chemical factories and other special buildings that need constant temperature and humidity. In addition, it can also be used in places with sun protection and anti-glare.


The use of insulated glass should be noted that since the drying air is enclosed in the middle of the insulating glass, the internal air pressure also changes with the change of temperature and air pressure, but only the glass surface has a very small deformation. In addition, slight warping may occur during manufacturingand deformation during construction. Therefore, due to such factors, the light reflection of insulating glass sometimes changes accordingly and should be taken seriously.  The reflection varies with the use of different colors.

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