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Factory New Equipment--Silkscreen Printing Production Line


Warmly welcome the new friend of KUNXING GLASS FACTORY.

KXG Building Factory New Equipment--Silkscreen Printing Production Line

On July 19, 2023, our factory purchased a new silkscreen printing production line and assembled it. This year, this "big friend" officially started working with us. In order to expand the production of silkscreen printing glass and improve the quality of glazed glass in Kunxing Glass Factory, the leaders of Kunxing Glass Company decided to purchase new printing production line equipment after a discussion.

building glass factory printing glass line

This equipment is 8 meters long and 3 meters wide. It can meet customers' customization requirements for various simple patterns and colors, reduce labor and processing time, and can complete high-quality silkscreen printing glass in a faster time.


After this "new friend" was delivered to the factory, we immediately assembled it and placed it in the position we had prepared before, which is his exclusive position.

silkscreen printing glass line building glass factory

It is believed that with the assistance of the new printing production line, Kunxing Glass Factory will be able to complete customer orders faster and better in the future, and can guarantee the quality of its printing glass.

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