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Environmental performance of LOW-E glass for curtain wall buildings


Modern buildings,whether they are commercial buildings or residential buildings,tend to have a large area for lighting.But ordinary transparent glass does not control solar radiation and far-infrared heat radiation,the larger the area,the more heat into the room in summer,the faster heat dissipation. In response to the government's policy of energy conservation and emission reduction, the market will be introduced with energy-saving and environmentally friendly architectural coated LOW-E glass.


Heat-reflecting coated glass can limit solar radiation from entering the room, and the glass used for building curtain wall has the characteristics of bright appearance and decoration, which can reduce the operating cost of refrigeration equipment. However, this kind of glass cannot control far-infrared thermal radiation, and only low-emissivity glass, that is, LOW-E glass, can be effectively controlled, which is also the reason why many curtain wall buildings adopt LOW-E thermal insulation configuration.


There are different series of LOW-E glass, including high-transmission series, sun-shading series and double silver series, and the glass selected in different seasons and regions has certain precautions. High-transparent series of LOW-E glass is suitable for northern China, this glass can let more solar radiation into the room during the day, while it is cold outside, there is no far-infrared heat radiation, indoor heat radiation is limited to achieve the effect of indoor heat preservation. Sunshade series LOW-E glass is suitable for southern China. During the daytime, it can limit the solar radiation that directly enters the room, and when the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature, LOW-E glass can reflect it out, preventing the heat from entering the room and reducing the cost of air conditioning and cooling.


LOW-E glass can be synthetic laminated or insulating glass use,synthetic insulating glass also has sound insulation,for glass curtain wall is really a good material for commercial buildings and residential.


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