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KXG® looks forward to more cooperation with future projects


As an important country in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has been actively promoting the development of various projects to promote economic growth and national development. Among these projects, NEOM, Sindalah, Trojena, Oxagon and LINE are the most eye-catching, and they represent the future development direction and potential of Saudi Arabia. As a professional architectural glass supplier, KXG looks forward to deeper cooperation with these projects and providing them with high-quality architectural glass products.

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saudi arabia neom project

NEOM is a future city project located in northwest Saudi Arabia. It aims to become a global center for technological innovation, sustainable living and economic diversification. The project is an important part of Saudi Arabias Vision 2030, which aims to reduce the countrys dependence on oil and create new growth and development opportunities.

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Sindalah is a new tourist destination and entertainment city being developed in Saudi Arabia. It is envisioned as a center for leisure, tourism and entertainment activities, with a focus on providing visitors with unique and diverse experiences.

sindalah island neom glass building

Trojena is a planned sustainable luxury mountain tourism development project located in the Asir region of Saudi Arabia. It aims to provide tourists with high-end vacation facilities, outdoor leisure activities, and a peaceful natural environment. Here, nature, architecture, and technology are integrated to provide a world-class experience and host unique festivals and events, such as the 2029 Asian Winter Games.

trojena mountains of neom saudi project

Oxagon is a floating port city in Saudi Arabia that will provide unparalleled connections to global markets. The city's strategic location on the Red Sea coast provides conditions for global economic development.

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LINE is Saudi Arabia's great urban project, a smart city line. The plan is an ideal futuristic idea, but The Line incorporates many aspects of industrial-age architectural ideas.

oxagon saudi arabia port of neom

KXG is a leading provider of building glass solutions for a wide range of quality glass products for construction and construction projects. KXG's expertise and products can contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable architecture in these desirable projects in Saudi Arabia.

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