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A magical nano-coated self-cleaning glass


We all know that the use of glass is everywhere in life, but cleaning glass is a more troublesome problem, how can we effectively solve these troubles?We all know that the use of glass is everywhere in life, but cleaning glass is a more troublesome problem, how can we effectively solve these troubles?

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KXG have a self-cleaning glass, whether we live, work or play, we may have seen it. Easy-clean glass, usually also called “self-clean glass in business, belongs to the eco-friendly “green glass”. It refers to a special coating applied to the glass surface, making it difficult for dust or dirty liquids (including liquids containing water or even oil) to adhere to the surface of the glass, or to be washed off more easily by water (or rain), without leaving water stains, so that the glass surface is very easy to keep clean, reducing the trouble of cleaning the glass surface, and can also save the increasingly scarce water resources.

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This special coating material is the so-called "easy-clean coating material", or "self-cleaning coating material". It is developed by utilizing two basic physical characteristics of objects in nature. The so-called easy-to-clean glass that glass surface has a high hydrophobicity similar to the lotus leaf effect, so water cannot be completely attached to the glass, so the surface tension of the water droplets themselves produces a drop-shaped phenomenon, and the water droplets will naturally slide down and take away the dust, making the glass easy to clean. 


As a result, dust will not be able to accumulate. Compared with ordinary glass's water stain deposition, the long-run effect is quite different. The main performance is hydrophobicity, what is hydrophobicity? It refers to a substance (molecules) that strongly repels water. When water is on the surface of a hydrophobic object, it will form a large contact angle and a drop shape.

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The nano-coated self-cleaning glass is coated with a hydrophilic nano-coating on the glass surface. It is a special single-component long-lasting cleaning series of nano-coatings. which is characterized by a super-hydrophilic surface coating and good anti-dust, does not depend on sunlight exposure, and works in a completely light-free environment.


The self-clean and non-fog glass surface has a "double wettability" and can dip water into both liquids and oil, so when there is water vapor on the glass, it will spread over the entire glass surface without condensing into water droplets. In addition, water in this mutual understanding and accommodation can penetrate into the oil dirt, the oil will be washed off, so as to have a strong self-purification ability.

Main uses of self-cleaning nano-coatings:

Dining table, furniture glass, bathroom door and window, shower room glass, kitchen door and window glass, architectural glass, high-rise curtain wall glass, commercial space display glass, etc.


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