Wire mesh glass
Wire mesh glass

Wire mesh glass

Wire mesh glass is specialized glass that offers unique solutions for various applications. From safety and security to aesthetics and functionality, wire mesh glass as a fire resistant glass can be used in multiple settings. Let's take a closer look at more details about wire mesh glass.


Wire mesh glass, also known as wired glass, is a type of safety glass created by embedding wire mesh within the glass during manufacturing. This technique makes the glass more impact-resistant, ideal for applications where safety is a top priority. 


Wire mesh glass is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings where safety is a concern, such as schools, hospitals, and factories. The wire mesh within the glass also helps to prevent the glass from shattering, reducing the risk of injury from broken glass. The wire mesh laminated glass factory and glass laminated mesh factory worldwide specialize in supplying wire mesh glass at favorable prices.

Fire resistant glass, on the other hand, is that designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent the spread of fire. Fireproof glass is another term used to describe this type of glass. The fire resistant glass is created by using specialized manufacturing techniques that incorporate layers of materials with different melting points.


Thus, the fireproof glass is perfect for buildings where fire safety is a concern, such as stairwells, emergency exits, and elevator shafts. This glass can also be used in residential or commercial settings, such as in the windows and doors of homes or shopping malls.


To obtain high-quality wire mesh and fire resistant glass, it is important to work with a specialized wired glass factory with experience and expertise in these manufacturing processes. KXG is a professional wired glass factory to manufacture wired glass with high-quality materials. Keep reading for more information about the wire mesh glass!

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