1060 carnegie Australia

This project is a commercial office building in Australia. It is a typical office building structure. This building took designers and engineers a long time to discuss and wanted a classic building for people working in this building or to Create a pleasant and comfortable office environment and experience for visitors.

KXG factory is very honored to participate in this project and provide curtain wall glass for this project.


What did we supply?

What we provided for this project was reflective insulated glass, mainly used for the curtain wall and facade of the project.


What are the benefits?

The use of heat-reflective insulating glass provides excellent sound insulation and thermal insulation performance. The thermal reflection-coated insulating glass used for curtain walls can achieve the required reflection color and shading coefficient, which is particularly practical and very suitable for projects.

As is well known, insulated glass has a light load-bearing capacity and good sound insulation and thermal insulation performance. Many buildings use this type of coated insulated glass as both safe and environmentally friendly.

1060 carnegie Australia project building glass factory

Benchmark testimonial

The customer said, "KXG has won our trust based on excellent service and professional knowledge." KunXing Glass professional products are fast and accurate, and they are very cautious about every piece of glass - we look forward to collaborating with KXG on many projects. ”

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