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KXG Custom Digital Printing Glass Design Pattern On Glass Manufacturer

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Highly durable, long lasting, and abrasion resistant.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

May also be recycled at the end of its useful life.

Available in laminated, monolithic form and as an insulated unit.

KXG Custom Digital Printing Glass Design Pattern On Glass Manufacturer

Product Description

Digital printing glass technology is a modern glass decoration technology, through digital printing technology will be printed directly on the surface of the glass, so that the surface of the glass presents a lifelike pattern. It is often used in windows, walls, partitions, and other locations, they can not only play a decorative role but also can make the interior space more transparent and bright, giving people a feeling of openness and comfort. Whether in family life or commercial space, digital printing glass technology can add a unique beauty to the space, so that people can enjoy the visual pleasure and comfort.

Product Specifications

Glass Name

KXG Custom Digital Printing Glass Design Pattern On Glass Manufacturer

Glass Thickness



Customer customized

Edge work

Flat polished edge, pencil edge, beveled edge, corner round edge etc.

Deep Processing

Hole, cutting out, safety corner




Strong plywood crate with steel belt.

Delivery Time

7-15days after receive the deposit.

Glass option

Clear tempered glass, ultra clear glass, tinted tempered glass


Widely used in railing, shower door, partition wall, skylight, curtain wall, floor, table top glass, etc.

Applicable to the external walls, outdoor windows, lighting roof, smoke vertical wall, fire glass frameless door, and no insulation requirements of the partition wall.

KXGlass Business Introduction

Production Process

Float Glass

Float Glass



Grinding And Polish

Grinding And Polish





Package & Shipping

1.Separate each piece of glass with a cork mat.

2.Suitable for shipping and land transport strong export wooden /plywood crates.

3.Iron belt or another material belt for consolidation. 

4.The four corners of the glass will have protective corners. 

5.Each box contains desiccant.

Cork mat and protective corners

Soft Rubber Mat


Plywood crates

After-sales Service:

• Quick quote, reply requirements within 12 hours

• Technical support, design and installation suggestions

• Review your order details, double check and confirm your order without problems

• Entire process follow your order and update you in time

• Quality inspection standard and QC report according to your order

• Production photos, packing photos, loading photos sent in time if you need

• Assist or arrange the transportation and sent you all documents on time

1.Who is KXG Industries?

KXG Industries is professional glass manufacturer, is a reputable glass deep-processing corporation in China.


2.How long is your delivery time?

Generally within 3 -4weeks.


3.What's the MOQ?

MOQ is 100 square meter.


4.How about sample fees?

Samples are free, can be ready in 1-2 weeks.


5.What is the size range of digital printed glass wall products?

The size range of digital printed glass wall products can be customized according to customer needs, generally meeting various size requirements from small decorations to large wall coverings.


6.Can the design of digital printed glass wall products be customized?

Yes, the design of digital printed glass wall products can be fully customized, and customers can choose patterns, colors, sizes, etc. for personalized customization according to their own needs.


7.How to get a quotation?

We need the information of glass composition, thickness, sizes, quantity and processing etc.