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China manufacturers heat soaking process safety glass prices

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After the heat soak treatment of tempered glass, the self-exploding rate of glass is less than 0.1%. It can greatly reduce the self-explosion rate of toughened glass.

China manufacturers heat soaking process safety glass prices

Product Description

Heat soak test process by heating the tempered glass to holding for enough time and then cooling down.Pre-detonation of glass due to uneven internal stresses and the potential for spontaneous detonation.

Our company has advanced technology of large heat soak furnace.The heat soak furnace also authentication by Hong Kong third party.For ensure the tempered glass after heat soaked test is reliability.

Product Specifications

Product Name

Heat soak test tempered glass



Max size


Min size


Quality standard

BS/EN 14179

Widely used in Guardrails, Bathrooms, Interior Partitions, Curtain walls, etc.Especially suitable for compound laminated glass.

KXGlass Business Introduction

Production Process

Float Glass

Float Glass



Grinding And Polish

Grinding And Polish



Heat soak test

Heat soak test

Package & Shipping

1.Separate each piece of glass with a cork mat.

2.Suitable for shipping and land transport strong export wooden /plywood crates.

3.Iron belt or another material belt for consolidation. 

4.The four corners of the glass will have protective corners. 

5.Each box contains desiccant.

Cork mat and protective corners

Soft Rubber Mat


Plywood crates


After-sales Service:

• Quick quote, reply requirements within 12 hours

• Technical support, design and installation suggestions

• Review your order details, double check and confirm your order without problems

• Entire process follow your order and update you in time

• Quality inspection standard and QC report according to your order

• Production photos, packing photos, loading photos sent in time if you need

• Assist or arrange the transportation and sent you all documents on time

1. Nature of the company?
We are a glass processing factory located at No. 10 Jinchuan 1st Road, Jinchuan, Zhao Lin, Dongguan City, Guangdong.

2.Whether the company's products have international third-party independent testing certificate?
Our glass is certified to ANSI, CE, AS/NZS, CCC, etc.

3. The production time of the product in large quantities:
Usually 10-15 days, depending on the order quantity, we can support urgent orders.

4.What's the MOQ?
MOQ is 100 square meter.

5.Do you provide free samples?
Yes, welcome to contact us to discuss your project together.

6. Whether the product itself supports OEM customization?

7.How is the warranty?
Yes, generally, we offer 5 years warranty for processing glass based on your normally uses, we advise you uses in a right way can keep your products service life in a long time (more than 5 years).

8.How to get a quotation?
We need the information of Glass types, thickness, sizes, quantity and processing requirements etc. 

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