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Blue Green Grey Bronze Tinted Glass Price, Tinted Float Glass Panel Wholesale

> Product Category : Float glass

> Product Number : Ultra clear float glass


1.Preventing fading.

2.Reducing UV radiation.

3.Reducing visible transmittance.

4.Increasing aesthetic appearance.

5.Clear observation and transparency.


Blue Green Grey Bronze Tinted Glass Price, Tinted Float Glass Panel Wholesale

Product Description

Tinted float glass reduces visual and radiative transmittance and is produced by the float process, adding small amounts of metal oxides to tint ordinary clear glass mixtures. This coloring is achieved by adding metal oxides during the smelting stage. Heat-absorbing tinted glass is glass with a special tint that absorbs up to 45% of incident solar energy to reduce heat gain in interior spaces.

Product Specifications


KXG Tinted Glass


3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm


1830x2440mm, 2630*3660mm, 2140x3300mm, 2140x3660mm, 2250x3300mm, 2250x3660mm, 2440x3300mm, 2440x3660mm,

Max size could reach to 3000*13000mm


Grey, green, blue, bronze


• Windows and doors

• Mirrors

• Shelving and display cases

• Picture frames

• Greenhouses

• Many Others

Any other size can be produced as per customer’s requirement.


KXGlass Business Introduction

Production Process

Float Glass

Float Glass



Grinding And Polish

Grinding And Polish



Package & Shipping

1.Separate each piece of glass with a cork mat.

2.Suitable for shipping and land transport strong export wooden /plywood crates.

3.Iron belt or another material belt for consolidation. 

4.The four corners of the glass will have protective corners. 

5.Each box contains desiccant.

Kraft paper spacing

Soft Rubber Mat


Plywood crates


After-sales Service:

• Quick quote, reply requirements within 12 hours

• Technical support, design and installation suggestions

• Review your order details, double check and confirm your order without problems

• Entire process follow your order and update you in time

• Quality inspection standard and QC report according to your order

• Production photos, packing photos, loading photos sent in time if you need

• Assist or arrange the transportation and sent you all documents on time

1.Who is KXG Industries?

KXG Industries is professional glass manufacturer, is a reputable glass deep-processing corporation in China.


2.How long is your delivery time?

Delivery time depends on the size of the order and the complexity of the product. Generally speaking, we will arrange production as soon as possible after order confirmation and complete delivery in the shortest possible time.


3.What's the MOQ?

Our MOQ depends on different products. Please contact our sales team for the MOQ of the product you require.


4.How about sample fees?

Samples are free, can be ready in 1-2 weeks.


5.How is the warranty?

Five years warranty for Laminated Glass, and 10 years warranty for Tempered Glass, Insulated Glass, Windows & Doors and Curtain Wall etc.


6.How to get a quotation?

We need the information of glass composition, thickness, sizes, quantity and processing etc. 

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