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Extra Clear Glass


Ultra Clear Float Glass is also named Extra Clear Glass is also named, Starphire glass, Optiwhite glass, it is manufactured in the same manner as ordinary float glass with a large percentage (approximately 90%) of the iron content removed. This process lessens the inherent green tinge evident in normal standard float glass. This difference can predominately be seen when viewing the glass on its edge, when many panels are stacked together or when coated on one side in light colors.


1. Available thickness: 3mm, 3.2mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm

2. Available Size: 1650x2140mm, 2140x3660mm, 2250x3300mm,max size could reach to 3000*12000mm, customized size is availb

3.Smooth surface,no bubble, no scratch, high precision flatness, easy to be cut and special for processed glass: tempered glass, laminated glass, Insulated glass, mirror coated.


• Super high transparency and a neutral color making it the ideal glass where high visibility and clarity are required.

• Displays exactly the color you desired when Colored or painted -regardless of panel thickness, and with no distortion or green tint.

• Perfect for tempering, laminating, screen printing, acid etching, heat treatment and decorating with ceramic colors.

• Suitable for most all glass applications and is favored by architects, initiators, developers and consumers.

5. Deep processing: Ultra clear float glass is easty to cut, tempered, laminated, insualted, or mirror coated etc.