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Smart Switchable Glass


Smart switchable glass is a composite of the liquid crystal film into the middle of the two layers of glass, after high temperature and high pressure bonding after forming the sandwich structure of the new special photoelectric glass products.

The user controls the transparent and opaque state of the glass by controlling the continuity of the current. The glass itself not only has the characteristics of all the safety glass, but also has the control of glass transparent or not the privacy protection function, due to the characteristics of the liquid crystal film sandwich, dimming glass can also be used as a projection screen, instead of ordinary screen, in the glass show high-definition screen image.


1.Hight Safety :anti-theft and anti-riot. 

2.Energy saving: There is a good insulating performance, saving energy.

3. Sound insulation: laminated glass with a damping of the acoustic features, is a good insulation material.

4. Laminated glass with UV blocking function, prevents indoor furniture, items fade.


1.Operation department, slap-up office/meeting room

2.Special ward / operation room of hospital, monitoring room

3.Classical bathroom / cars, Lorries, luxury yacht

4.Large-scale projection screens

5.Jewelry shop, museum, insurance counter

6.All kinds of places which need day lighting and privacy.

Smart Glass Parameter

Optical PropertiesLight TransmissionON>80%

Visual AngleON>140°
UV BlockingON/OFF>98%
HazeON <6%OFF >90%
Electrical PropertiesOperating VoltageON48 or 60V
Power ConsumptionON4W / m²
Supply Voltage110V/220V
Switching Speed<45ms
SpecificationThickness of PDLC smart film0.4mm
Minimum privacy distance3cm when power off
Max WidthSelf-adhesive 
ColorMilk white, Bronze, dark grey ,light grey etc.
Life Time>50000hrs
Working temperature  /-20~70°C