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Skylight Roof Glass


The most popular glass we supply for skylight  is 4+4/5+5/6+6/8+8/10+10mm laminated glass



The most popular glass we supply for skylight  is 4+4/5+5/6+6/8+8/10+10mm laminated glass

Build the ceiling with glass, not only easy to get the maximum light into building, but also makes the building more attractive.


Laminated glass is made up of two or more layers of glass permanently bonded together with an interlayer (PVB / SGP / EVA) via a controlled, highly pressurized and industrial heating process. The lamination process results in the glass panels holding together in the event of breakage, reducing the risk of harm. Laminated Glass is classified as Grade A Safety Glass. There is several laminated glass types manufactured using different glass and interlay options that produce a variety of strength and security requirements.. It is a safety glass which is used for both commercial and residential industries.

Glass Type Tempered Laminated Glass
Available Thickness4+4,5+5,6+6,8+8,10+10mm
Available SizeMax 3000*8000mm,Min150*300mm,Customized size
Characteristic-Safety: if it's broken, the splinters will stick to the interlayer and not scatter.-Sound insulation: PVB file can effectively prevent sound wave.-Anti-UV: laminated glass can effectively prvent UV.-Dynamic color: color laminated glass offers total flexibility,providing the personal touch for unique color and aesthetics, also affords different levels of translucency for visual screen. 
DeliveryWithin 15 days after order is confirmed
PackagingStrong export plywood crates with paper interlayer