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Shower Room Glass


China facotry 8mm 10mm 12mm glass shower enclosure

The features of shower door glass shower glass enclosures you can get it from Sun Global Glass:

1. Glass types: tempered glass and laminated glass

2. Glass thickness: tempered glass in 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm, laminated glass in 3+3mm 4+4mm 5+5mm 6+6mm

3. Glass shape:  flat or curved shape

4. Glass raw materials: clear float glass, ultra clear float glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, printed glass, etc.

5. Glass color: clear, ultra clear, bronze, green, blue, etc.

6. Glass size: any customized can meet clients' requirement.

7. Special processing: drill holes, cutout, polished edge, logo printing,etc. all can be made it for you perfectly.

8. Clear styles or obscure styles shower door glass are available. Clear shower door glass, then the light will be easily enter into the bathroom, saving light cost; obscure glass bathroom, it can help for protect privacy.