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Euro Bronze Dark Blue Green Grey Reflective Glass


Clear Float glass is the core base product for most of common glass products, it is derived from the manufacturing process where molten glass is poured from the furnace and floated evenly onto a bed of molten tin. The glass is gently cooled under controlled conditions to anneal the glass which enables the glass to be cut and modified.

Reflective Glass 

Reflective Glass

Reflective Glass


1). Excellent optical performance

2). Excellent chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance 

3). Film is chemically formed at high temperature with high wearability 

4). High color uniformity, gentle and elegant

5). Easy to machine and can be toughened and thermally curved.


Hot summer and blazing sunlight area 

Buildings requiring colorful decoration effect 

Buildings need outdoor sight shading function 

windows, doors, skylight, roof, balcony, curtain wall, interior glass screens, partitions, balustrades,etc.