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What is low emissivity insulated glass

Sep. 24, 2019

Low emissivity glass(Low-e glass) is coated on the surface of glass by multi-layer silver, copper or tin and other metal or its compound composed of thin film system, the product has a higher transmittance to visible light, has a very high reflectivity to infrared ray, has a good heat insulation performance. Because the film strength is poor, generally made of insulating glass used.

The film of low-e glass is able to block the heat radiation effectively. The low-e hollow glass can further reduce the direct transmission of heat energy and reduce the thermal transmission coefficient of glass greatly.

What is low emissivity insulated glass

To manufacture low-e insulating glass, the glass deep processing enterprises must satisfy every stringent requirement. We execute the European standards in the processes of cutting, grinding, cleaning, drying, toughening, film removing of edges, bending of aluminum division bar and automatically charging molecular sieve and hollowing. By now, it has passed the strict manufacturing assessment system.

What is low emissivity insulated glass

Classification of low-e insulating glass 

High permeability Low-e insulated glass 

High permeability low-e insulated glass has high visible light transmission, high solar transmittance and far infrared transmittance, so it has excellent daylighting, more solar heat radiation through glass and excellent insulation performance. It is suitable for buildings with high permeability in cold areas in the north and parts of the region to highlight the effect of natural lighting.

Shading Low-e insulated glass

The shading Low-e insulated glass has a certain positive shading effect on the indoor line of sight, which can prevent the solar thermal radiation from entering the room and limit the outdoor secondary thermal radiation from entering the room in summer. It is applicable to both the south and the north. Because of its rich decorative effect and outdoor line of sight shading effect, it is suitable for all kinds of buildings.

Double silver Low-e insulated glass 

Double silver Low-e insulated glass highlights the shading effect of glass on solar thermal radiation. It skillfully combines the high light transmittance of glass with the low transmittance of solar thermal radiation, and has a high visible light transmittance, which can effectively limit the entry of outdoor background thermal radiation into the interior in summer.

What is low emissivity insulated glass