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Glass shelves


Where to Use Glass Shelves

Our custom glass shelves can be used in many places around your home or office. They're just as sturdy as other types of shelves, and can hold a fair amount of weight. A wall-mounted glass shelf can add just the right amount of modern class for a light-enhancing, streamlined look. Here are some places you can use glass shelves.

Bathrooms - our custom shelves are safe to use in a humid environment like a bathroom and shower!

Kitchens - use glass shelves to replace a broken cabinet shelf or to add attractive storage space.

Home Decor - use glass shelves in living rooms, bedrooms, closets, or dining rooms.

Offices - used glass shelves can create a modern workspace, whether it is in your home or business.

Restaurants and Bars - glass shelves used on bars and restaurants. They're easy to keep clean and are durable enough for heavy use.