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Door Glass


Compare with wooden door as before, glass for door more and more popular used in our home for decorative.the advantages:

1. Multi-color available.

2. Can be silk-screen printing,make your own design

3. Easy to install, clean and maintain.

4. High light transmission, let the nature light enter into the room, make a health life for humans.


Why tempered glass for door?

1. The price is more competitive. Compare with anneal float glass, laminated glass, tempered glass is

the most suitable for door.

2. It's the safety glass, ever it is broken by outside force, the small particial have no harmful for humans.

3. Thickness: except for 12mm, 8mm 10mm are popular used for door.

4. Glass type: clear tempered glass, ultra clear tempered glass, acid etched tempered glass, silkscreen printing tempered glass,etc. are perfect for glass door.

5. Max size available in 3300*8000mm, any customized size can meet your requested.

6. Drill holes, cut out, edge working,etc. can be finished for you.