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Curved Glass


Curved tempered glass is produced by heating annealed glass to over 600 degrees and quicky cooling,through the computer control to realize automatic radian and mold shaping.


SizeMax is 5600mm*2400mm,Mini is 400mm*600mm 
Colorclear,ultra clear,grey,green,blue,bronze
Radius5-6mm mini radius:1000mm,8-12mm mini radius:1500mm,15-19mm mini radius: 2000mm
Characteristic- Harmless for human being:when it broken,the particles are small and no harms for people. - More stronger:up to five times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness,making it an ideal safety or security glass. - Available in glass types:Clear,Tinted,Reflective,Low Iron,Etched,Textured,Colorsmart,Thermocolour and Low E glass types. - Special processing in advance:all work finished on tempered glass need to be done before tempering,such as beveling,cutting,drilling,etc. - One radius curved glass. 
Application- Window and curtain wall systems - Store and mall fronts - Partitions and shower enclosures - Skylight,Balustrades,handrail and elevator enclosures - Furnitures and home appliance - Aquairum,swimming pool - Many other safety glazing
Delivery 7-15 days after order is confirmed
PackagingStrong export plywood crates with paper/powder interlayer