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Curtain wall


Advantages of insulating glass units

1. Thermal performance

2. Energy-saving building materials

3. Sound insulating

4. No dewing in low temperature

5. Create aesthetic scene to building

Max size3300-8000mm
Mini size180mm-350mm
Thickness of the aluminumFrame: 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, etc.
Features1. Sound proof2. Heat proof3. Condensation proof
Types- clear toughened insulated glass 4+12A+4mm, 5+9A+5mm, 6+12A+6mm, 8+16A+8mm, etc.- color reflective insulated glass, including online reflective insulating glass color silver, blue, green, bronze, gray, black, etc., off-line reflective insulated glass with customized color, different color low-e coating insulated glass, glass thickness 4+9A+4mm, 5+12A+5mm, 6+12A+6mm, 8+16A+8mm, etc.- safety tempered laminated insulating glass with different glass composition, like 6mm low-e tempered glass+12A+13.52mm clear tempered laminated glass, etc.- customized triple insulated glass, like 8mm clear tempered glass+12A+8mm clear tempered glass+12A+13.52mm blue reflective tempered laminated glass, etc.
Space gasDry gas, noble gas and sulfur fluoride, etc.
ApplicationExcept use for external facades, the insulated glass also popular to use for windows, doors, curtain walls, etc.